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ONLINE AUCTION -Now LIVE - - WWI 1917 "Buy Liberty Bonds" Abe Lincoln Poster, Jewelry, Comics, Glassware, RAILROAD photos - RR Stock Certificates - FISHING Gear, More !! ENDS JUNE 23rd - AT 9:00 PM - ENDS JUNE 23rd AT 9:00 PM

Item Description
001.Old Mission Style Oak Chair - Heavy, Solid, and Comfortable - with curved seat. A few flaws, but still nice in my opinion
002.Oak Rocker - sturdy piece with character
003.Old WESTINGHOUSE Commercial Fan - should be rewired if it will be used
004.Older, child's sled - snowmobile - made by COLECO
005.Smaller size book cart with casters.
006.Ben Pearson Compound Bow
007.B B Gun
008.Milk Glass Pitcher with 8 Milk Glass Tumblers - by COLONY
009.1st of two orange vases
010.2nd orange vase
011."Sweet Land of Liberty" - First Responders / Home Interiors
012.Fireman figurine
013.1st of two Swans
014.2nd of two Swans
015.Cast Iron Pan - Size 8 marked S-2338 Detroit -USA
016.Cast Iron Skillet - 8 - marked FAVORITE Piqua Ware
017.Set of 12 FIRE KING Coffee cups
018.Silver plated Champagne ice bucket - champagne not included
019.Container of brass screws
020.2 Large stock pots
021.LARGE Aluminum strainer - restaurant size
022.LARGE Stainless Steel Stock pot, with lid
023.LARGE Aluminum stock pot
024.Two large aluminum baking sheet pans
025.Assortment of Stainless Steel serving utensils
026.Stock pot with steam rack, 2 strainers, sauce pan, and small bread baking pan
027.Ash bucket and small ash shovel
028.STEELERS galvanized ice bucket
030.local artist magic marker sketch
031.2nd local artist magic marker art
032.50 U.S. Plate Blocks PB STAMPS
029.10 Silver Dimes- 1946 is the oldest
030A.5 Silver Quarters - 1952-D is oldest
033.50+ plate blocks on airmail envelopes FDC (first day covers, no cachets, some Postmaster signed
034.35+ airmail envelopes FDC -first day covers, no cachets, some Postmaster signed.
035.5 1976 $2.00 notes
036.5 1935 $1.00 Silver notes
037.1928 Peace Silver Dollar - key date
038.1922-D Peace Silver Dollar
039.1921 Peace Silver Dollar - key date
040.1988 Silver Eagle
041.1987 Silver Eagle
042.1993 Silver Eagle
043.Franklin Mint Sterling Silver
044.Franklin Mint Sterling Silver State coin
045.Franklin Mint Sterling Silver
046.Franklin Mint Sterling Silver state coin
047.Franklin Mint Sterling Silver state coin
048.1890-O Morgan Silver Dollar
049.1922 Peace Silver Dollar
050.Bag of 10 different Indian Pennies
052.WWII ration cards
053.18 K gold ring 1 stone missing
054.pieces of misc. jewelry
055.14K Wedding Ring
056.2 sterling rings
057.Waltham women's watch
058.Elgin gold pocket watch
059.Elgin gold decorated pocket watch
060.Hampden Watch Co. decorated pocket watch gold Canton Ohio 2647139
061.Black onyx diamond gold rin
062.Colonial women necklace
063.pistol cleaning kit
064.Galco stop watch
065.Geneva jeweled bracelet watch
066.Men's multi purpose watch
067.1 Pulsar womens watch. 1 Jules Jurgen 5017 Women's watch since 1740
068.Kessar Burem platinum women's bracelet watch
069.P.O.V. women's watch - Angel watch
070.1 sterling bracelet 2 sterling brace
071.Men's Elgin 165 ft. water proof watch Peveugeot water. resistant
072.Gemstone watch bracelet Vivani bracelet watch
073.Geneeva Railroad pocket watch
074.Milan Truckers pocket watch
075.War Pins
076.Sterling turquoise earrings
077.Pearl earrings
078.Sterling ring,jeweled ring
079.Turquoise belt buckle
080.Turquoise jewelry
081.Turquoise sterling bracelet
082.2 Turquoise rings
083.Turquoise ring
084.Turquoise ring
085.3 fishing hook holders
086.3 fishing hook holders
087.7 Spinners
088.Spinners plus hooks
089.2 spinners weedless hooks
090.Scale & Pliers
091.Older bobbers
092.5 lures
093.5 lures
094.5 lures
095.Various LURES & SPINNERS
096.Tackle box
097.30 plus fishing flies
098.15 lures and flies
099.1951 Canonsburg lake permits
100.5 sets of McDonald mini Madam Alexander dolls
101.3 Sets of War Medals
102.White Swan Park tickets
103.AVON - "Age of Iron Horse" Stein
104.2nd AVON "Age of the Iron Horse" Stein
105.1929 Ford Stationwagon (beige) car
106.Ford model T car (red)
107.1937 Ford convertible - sedan car (blue green)
108.1926 Ford car (dark green) 4 door
109.Jaguar XK 120 roadster car (blue)
110.1931 Ford Model A car (rust color)
111.1931 Ford Model A car (rust color)
112.1932 Ford Coupe (black)
113.Great American Farm Tractor (book)
114.Qty. of 5 Marvel comic books
115.Qty. of 5 Marvel comic books
116.Qty. of 5 MARVEL comic books
117.Qty. of 4 MARVEL comic books
118.Qty. of 5 DC comic books
119.Qty. of 5 DC comic books
120.Qty. of 5 DC comic books
121.Qty. of 7 DC comic books
122.Set of Duncan Canterbury Sherberts
123.George R.R. Marlin Ice & Fire Book - (Game of Thrones)
124.Group of 40-50s pictures
125.Group of 40-50s pictures
126.Colonial electric candleholder
127.Star Candle holder
128.Vintage Kero. lamp & shade
129.Child picture frame
130.Jar of collectible matches
131.Jar of collectable matches
132.Small teal Mason jar patd. 1858
133.Large teal Mason jar patd. 1858
134.EAPG cake salver
135.1947 John Deere Dodge pickuo (green)
136.Box of NASA space pins (11)
137.Brass Eagle Door knocker - MISSING the knocker
138.John Deere Toy Tractor set
139.John Deere tin sign celebration 160 yrs.
140.Mon Valley AACA Region 2 bowls & Washington D.C. metal tray
141.Danbury Mint Statue of Liberty
142.Small wooden antique car
143.Large wooden antique car (in box)
144.1994 wind up metal race car (key on bottom)
145.Ford antique car made from ?
146.Red chief mower bank
147.Red,White,Blue heart dish
148.Warner electric metal stand circa (1780)
150.Gold copper owl candleholder
151.10" Pioneer woman black cast iron skillet
152.DUNCAN - 1/4 Block syrup
153.DUNCAN -Zipper slash cruet
154.DUNCAN - Diamond Ridge glass
155.DUNCAN - Cane & Rosette Celery
156.DUNCAN - Japanese or Grace creamer
157.DUNCAN - Milk glass urn
158.McKee Pink 3 legged flower bowl
159.DUNCAN - 2 Star an loop champagne
160.DUNCAN - Star cut Canterbury bowl
161.DUNCAN - Barrel oval covered compote
162.DUNCAN - 3 Block & Rosette Punch cups
163.DUNCAN - Gotherman Pickle (crystal)
164.DUNCAN - EAPG Fern goblet
165.WESTMORELAND - Pink shell lace compote
166.Lead crystal apple marmalade
167.George Duncan Pentagon creamer
168.DUNCAN - #16 Small black silver overlay dish
169.DUNCAN - crystal patio dish
170.DUNCAN - elrose cruet
171.DUNCAN - 2 frosted ribbon goblets
172.DUNCAN - Blue opalescent Marano rose bowl
173.DUNCAN - Blue opalescent 7 1/2" hobnail vase
174.DUNCAN - Blue opalescent 8 1/2" Canterbury vase
175.DUNCAN - Blue opalescent 12" swirl bowl
176.DUNCAN - Blue opalescent hobnail ice cream
177.DUNCAN - 2 Crystal swirl grapefruits
178.Tiffin twilight 8 1/2" vase - will turn blue in different light not purple
179.Duncan - scallop 6 point fruit bowl & 4 small bowls
180.Duncan - crystal ribbon & bows tumbler diamond cut stem (garland) hobnail sm. salt & pepper
181.Duncan - Scallop & Point pitcher
182.Duncan - 2 Granada cut champagnes
183.Duncan - Homestead 9 " vase
184.Duncan - scallop 6 point bowl
185.Duncan - amber swirl glass,kings crown bowl, Canterbury may set, Fostoria low candlestick
186.Duncan - 6 beautiful cut stems
187.36 pink piece depression may different pattern 1 crystal ring pitcher
188.Wooden Conestoga wagon - home made, Folk art - UNIQUE !
189.camera tripod
190.8 qts. motor oil (Never Opened)
191.Honing stones
192.Polaroid simplicity camera in box (pink)
193.10 pounds plus copper & brass fittings
194.Large hand carved wooden bull
195.World globe
196.cast iron star & ice hook
197.Sewing kit in basket
198.Early child' crib - display only, not for use due to slat spacing
199.Japanese Raw Silk brand labels- #200 is deleted, and is now part of #199. The #200 labels are on the back of #199 My error.
201.World War I 1917 "Buy Liberty Bonds - ABE LINCOLN Poster" Original, not a reprint.
202.Harkerware Tidbit tray
203.Brass Bears
204.set of 4 Brass-look pencil sharpeners
205.2nd set of 4 Brass-look pencil sharpeners
206.3rd set of 4 Brass-look pencil sharpeners
207.4th set of 4 Brass-look pencil sharpeners
208.Art Deco Bakelite Vanity Case
209.Chrome coffee server - needs to be cleaned
210.Samuel Adams table menu holder 8x5-1/2" new old stock
211.4 Pyrex and Hazel Atlas graduated bottles
212.7-1/2" Ruby Decoration compote, original box
213.1918 WWI United States of America War Savings Certificate with serial number
214.Copper tea kettle
215.HOLT HOWARD Salt & Pepper
216.DESERT ROSE Salt & Pepper
217.BEAM's Cat Decanter
218.Lladro "Follow Me" Swan
219.MIKASA 10 1/2" bowl with lid
220.Amethyst Tidbit Serving tray
221.MIKASA Tango Cake server
222.MIKASA Cake Plate
223.5 Boxes of FOMA 1947 Panchrome Film
224.1991-1992 UPPERDECK Hockey Set
225.1986 Fleer Baseball Sticker set
226.1991 ProSet Golf trading cards
227.1992-93 PINNACLE Hockey - LEMIEUX, BARASSO, JAGR, STRAKA Rookie card
228.1989 TOPPS Football card set
229.Qty. of (4) 1954 TOPPS Scoop trading cards
230.10 Military lapel pins, one marked 1890
231.VINTAGE J S Bowling Token
232.Taylor Bros Red Eye tobacco tag
233.Taylor Bros Best tobacco tag
234.Taylor Bros 48 tobacco tag
235.40 Pittsburgh Mini postcard albums - mint
236.3 Pre WWII PUTZ Christmas/Easter lambs, sheep, stick legs
237.RRPC bean pot
238.3 1940's Manoil Happy Family Lead Diecast figures
239.2nd different set of (3) 1940's Manoil Happy Family Lead Diecast figures
240.3rd different set of (3) 1940's Manoil Happy Family Lead Diecast figures
241.1990 Factory sealed bilingual hockey cards (5 Lindros)
242.75 different stock certificates
243.25 11x14 baseball posters, Ruth, Rose, Williams, etc.
244.5 Lehigh Valley $1000 bonds with coupons
245.10 Roller Mills Flour Bags, 10 Pioneer Scratch Feed Bags
246.4 piece Pyrex Cinderella bowls
247.5 Pennsylvania license plates
248.22 different Pittsburgh postcards - mint
249.1990 Factory sealed baseball cards 9704 players, 56 magic motion)
250.45 Star Trek Trading cards $80+ retail
251.29 Mario Lemiuex trading cards
252.100 Penguins trading cards - Jagr, Errey, Barasso, etc. $50+ retail
253.100 Spiderman, Batman, comic book heros, etc. trading cards $130+ retail
254.1930 Freeland stock certificate book includes #1 plus 50 more
255.5 Admiral Homes of Pittsburgh $1000 bonds
256.25 Pennsylvania Railroad PRR Stock certificates horseshoe curve
257.10 Erie Railroad stock certificates
258.10 PANAM airlines stock certificates
259.10 Baltimore & Ohio B&O stock certificates
260.10 Pittsburgh., Cin., Chicago, St. Louis RR Bonds, some Gold Coin
261.25 Penn Central Railroad Stock certificates
262.25 PA New York Central Railroad Stock certificates
263.25 Lehigh Coal and Navigation Stock certificates
264.5 NY, New Haven Railroad $1000 bonds
265.4 different New York Central $1000 bonds,two gold coin gold coins
266.(9) 1943 New York Central RR Gold Coin Bonds, 2 pages of coupons
267.6 1920's mint empty vegetable seed packets, Fredonia, NY
268.6 Finleyville postcards
269.6 1920's mint empty vegetable seed packets, Fredonia, NY
270.7 1920's mint empty vegetable seed packets, Fredonia, NY
271.6 1920's mint empty vegetable seed packets, Fredonia, NY
272.120 S. S. Pierce can labels
273.6 1920's mint empty vegetable seed packets, Fredonia, NY
274.5 Patriotic flag postcards oldest 1908
275.170 Vintage Christmas seals, mostly 1920's, 30's, 40's, 50's
276.6 1920's mint empty vegetable seed packets, Fredonia, NY
277.4 STEELER magazines
278.3 Patriotic Postcards, oldest 1908
279.4 1944-46 Gene Autry fan club newsletters
280.4 George Washington Patriotic postcards oldest 1905
291.22 different Pittsburgh postcards - mint
292.Diesel Engineering Reference manual
293.Postal Mailman Bear
294.4 Comic books
295.Mario Lemieux - PINNACLE - Gian Eagle Issue card
296.3 Home made paper mache dolls
297.MARVEL Pope John Paul II Comic book
298.misc. books
299.Postal covers with STAMPS
300.Old Postcards - some with STAMPS
301.Box of old photographs
302.Obama paperweight
303.stack of old PHOTO Postcards
304.stack of postcards
305.Old baseball and old baseball team photograph
306.Old slides and film - check content at preview
307.'76 BICENTENNIAL DESIGNS - could be a coloring book
308.Old edition of "Little Journeys" - English Authors - Lord Byron
309.LINCOLN Book -
310.Lot of Misc. collectible items
311.several WAR Stereoviews
312.Confederate Money, book on European Conflict
313.WWII- LIBERTY Magazine - Hitler article
314.1852 ANCIENT HISTORY - per book title
315.1880's Sketch book
316.The Life of Rev. David Brainerd
318."The Call of the Canyon" by Zane Grey
319.Car accident Photo Negatives Police Scenes
320.1920's Photo Album
321.Old Local photographs Western PA
322.Approx 5 Stereoviews
323.Old photos
324.Patriotic pieces of Encouragement for the Soldiers in WWII
325.5 Glass Negatives
326.Uniontown, PA items
327.Older, vintage, Theater and Acting collection
329.Old Photo Collection
330.Old Photos in newer binder
331.Antique Cruise Ship / Travel items
332.Old Photos
333.Old PACI's Menu - has "Mistletoe Ball - 1950" hand written on it, not sure of validity of date, etc.
334.Disney EPCOT Flier - 2001-2003
335.RUSSIA Poster & Booklet -Kruschev & ?
336.Stereo View Nudes qty. 3
337.1800's Newspaper
338.Sex Study pamphlet and other regular photos
339.1960 PLAYBOY with Jayne Mansfield (she was considered to be a bustier version of Marilyn Monroe)
340.Old correspondence Boy's Home - Western PA
341.1960 PLAYBOY - Holiday Issue

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