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5 Star Auctions & Liquidations
ONLINE AUCTION Military, Fishing, Barbie, Glass Negatives, MORE - ENDS WED.MARCH 11TH 9 PM AT 9:00 PM

Item Description
001.1964 World's Fair pamphlet & Glasses New York
002.1964 World's Fair Glasses - Seattle
003.Jar of matchbooks
004.Airline collectible timetables, EASTERN, TWA
005.RAILROAD - R.R. Documents
006.Beaded Ladies dress with tags - XL
007.Post Cards - top one stamped 1932
008.Old Home movies
009.Small Antique photo mirrors
010.RAILROAD Photos
011.SOVIET Dress Military Hat - photos
012.Cuff links - MUSICAL and hollow - can hide stuff
014.Military books WWII
015.Lot of Stereoviews
016.Hand Carved Pipe
017.Civil War Soldier -Tintype - flaking
018.MILITARY Letter APO 68
019.TEAMSTERS Pins - Washington PA
020.Lot of Steroviews
021.Old Photo album
022.Old photos - Brass holder
023.Military correspondence
024.GLASS Negatives of Washington PA
025.Canonsburg Bank and Antique paperweight
026.Duquesne Brewery receipts - local history item
027.Postcards - date shows 1893
28.Asian items
029.Asian figure
030.Postmarked Military mail 1958
031.Military photos WWII
032.Old travel clock (radio?)
033.GERMAN MILITARY Books 3 volumes
034.MILITARY - U.S.S Massachusetts - Roster of Officers - Restricted
035.Iron bookends
036.Vintage teapot, vase, glass cup and glass horse
037.Military - WWII photographs
038.Lot of old keys, old iron nails
039.Old Washington PA photograph
040.Photo from 1920's ??
041.Old Photo -Motorcycle with side car
042.Old Literature - Pittsburgh
043.Wooden Crucifix for Last Rites
044.Easyriders Motorcycle magazine -75th Anniversary edition - Sturgis
046.Old photo collection
047.Old Magazines - The House Beautiful
048.Signed Easter child with Rabbit statue
049.Starfish & Shells
50.Military U.S. Navy correspondence - 1942
051.Old ball glove, Pirates glass, other advertising glasses
052.NIXON for PRESIDENT bumper sticker
053.Military - WWII literature lot
054.Coca Cola tin and old framed photo
055.Old literature
056.RAILROAD - R.R. Scrap book
057.Magic Movie book with 3D glasses, other Russian Circus ? literature
058.Old Stock Car photo - appears to be from late 1960's
059.Scrapbook - lots of old advertising stuff
060.Old local menus
061.The STAR WARS - 1st Screenplay of 4. Rough Draft. Cannot verify originality or number of copies exist
062.Old books
063.Collection of old photographs - Funeral home fans
064.Porcelain doll -Tansie Comes to Visit
065.Military - WWI photos, plus
066.Picture of Crucifixion being held by God
067.Greene County PA items
068.Glass Negative - Girl shooting gun
069.Old paper records
070.Old Photos
071.Hair pins - old jewelry boxes
072.Glass negatives
073.Old African American memoribilia
074.Old sheets of MUSIC
075.Horse racing collectible items
076.Old Vintage books
077.Stereoviews African-American
078.Old papers 1962
079.Uniontown, PA receipts
080.Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Souvenir Program
081.1940's Correspondence - NAVY and other items
082.Old GE Transistor radio
083.Collection of old photos, paper records
084.Vintage Piano Rolls, qty 7
085.Monte Carlo and camaro side scripts
086.Vintage Glass Rear tailight cover
087.Hot Wheels carrying case, with cars (cars not verified as Hot Wheels
088.Wolgang Puck mixer - LATCH BROKEN - works when top held down
089.License Plates - 4 - 1920's/1930's
090.7 PA License plates - one is 1958 Truck
091.10 License plates - Various
092.Old Plastic small trunk with dolls
093.PORCELAIN TOP TABLE - pretty nice with drawer, not perfect but decent
094.Box lot of Bolts - 5/16 -18-7 bag of nuts included
095.Old electric shoe buffer
096.Sturdy basket and Dial Scale
097.Auto - 14 inch aluminum trim rings
098.PA Bicentennial Commemorative Plate 1776-1976
099.large spool of braided shoe lace material - can be used for a variety of purposes
100.2 10 ft. soaker hoses, multiple watering spritzers
101.Coleman propane stove - older, nice shape
102.Duncan& Miller smaller Pall Mall clear Swan
103.Duncan& Miller larger Pall Mall clear Swan
104.7 Piece collection of old glass shoes
105.Various pieces of glassware
106.Cobalt Blue small and larger vases, plus 1960 End Day Blue & White pitcher.
107.1950 Imperial serving bowl with two handles, plus pressed glass plate, and Daisy button Tri leg ashtray
108.Duncan & Miller 5 pc, Teardrop coasters
109.1892 Ripley & Co. Compote, spoon holder, and oil dispenser,(no stopper)
110.4 pc gold trim juice glasses
111.5 toothpick holders
112.1933 Heisey Victorian Goblet and 3 juice glasses
113.Morgantown's Economy tumbler
114.2 pc. coffee cup with saucer - floral pattern
115.1953 Washington County Fireman's glass, other commemorative glasses
116.Yellow pitcher-floral design, coasters, small glass bird paperweight, and small medicine bottle
117.1893 Greensburg Glass Ruby mug -other ruby glass, 11 pieces total
118.6 pc. Milk Glass
119.Roseville Cookie Jar
120.Red & Black Vase - unknown origin
121.Black painted cookie jar/crock with lid
122.7 goblets with leaf pattern
123.Black painted crock with pink flowers
124.Green fish paperweight
125.9 pcs. China
126.Beautiful tea cup and saucer
127.4 pc. Japanese tea cups
128.Child figurine
129.Hand painted china serving bowl
130.Porcelain "Duck" bed pan
132.Dovetailed old Wooden box, locking drawer
133.Pair of old concrete planters
134.small end table or TV stand
135.TV - entertainment shelf
136.loaded tackle box
137.5 Rebel lures
138.5 Rebel lures
139.5 Rebel lures
140.5 Rebel lures
141.5 Fishing lures
142.5 Fishing lures
143.5 Rapala lures
144.4 Heddon lures
145.3 Fishing lures
146.3 old lures
147.4 Fishing lures
148.2 Brooks baits
149.3 Storm Hot N Tot lures
150.5 Rebel lures
151.Assorted Fishing lures and case
152.7 Backwoods Catfishing lures
153.Misc. Fishing Items
154.5 Rebel lures
155.5 Fishing lures
156.5 Fishing lures
157.Misc. Fishing items
158.5 Jitterbugs
159.Misc. Fishing Items
160.Assorted lures and case
161.Spinners & Case
162.Loaded tackle box
163.4 Muskie lures
164.Buzzbaits & Misc.
165.Muskie lures
166.Muskie lures
167.Flatfish lures & display box
168.Misc. hooks, jigs and fishing items
169.2 Fishing reels
170.Loaded tackle box
171.Assorted lures
172.UMCO tackle box
173.two knives
174.Misc. Fishing items
175.two Frabill spool shafts- Ice Fishing
176.3 Ice Fishing Tip Ups
177.6 old lures
178.3 Creek Chub lures
179.6 lures
180.Assorted Baits & Case
181.2 fishing hook removers
182.2 Fishing reels
183.Ugly Stik Fishing bag
185.Baits - the Green pkgs. only
190.Worden's Lures on Display Board
195.Two Tackle boxes
197.Flambeau Muskie lure tackle box
198.Large Muskie lure tackle box Flambeau
199.Muskie lures in a David & Goliath tackle box
200.2 complete model figures
201.2 complete model kits
202.3 boxes of Military miniature figures
203.2 complete kits Military helicopter & Tiger Shark P-408
204.3 complete model kits Military Jets and helicopter
205.2 complete model kits Military airplanes
206.Coca Cola collectible trucks
207.1:43 Scale Hot Wheels Hot Rod series - Studebaker & '32 Ford
208.2nd set 1:43 Scale Hot Wheels Hot Rod series - Studebaker & '32 Ford
209.PEPSI & 7 UP vehicles
210.MATCHBOX Premier Collection
211.1:43 Scale Hot Wheels Cool Classics Series
212.5 HOT WHEELS Cop Rods
213.10 MOTOR TREND Racing Champions 1:144 Scale
214.5 HOT WHEELS Cop Rods
215.7 MATCHBOX Premier Collection
216.5 HOT WHEELS Cop Rods
217.4 Pennants Louisville Cardinals
218.1967 OLDS 442 Model kit complete
219.1970 Buick GSX complete model kit
220.1970 Boss 302 Mustang complete model kit
221.1990 Cougar XR-7 complete model kit
222.1969 Camaro complete model kit
223.1994 Camaro Z28 complete model kit
224.1953 FORD Victoria complete model kit
225.1968 FORD Shelby GT-500 complete model kit
226.1967 Chevelle SS
227.1969 OLDS W-30 442 complete model kit
228.1966 OLDS 442 Convertible complete mode kit
229.1964 Chevy Impala SS
230.MATCHBOX Premier with stands, cars
231.3 Aircraft Model kits
232.3 military themed model complete kits
233.2 aircraft model complete kits
234.2 military aircraft complete model kits
235.3 military aircraft complete model kits
236.3 military aircraft complete model kits
237.2 complete model kits Dick Tracy and US Space Capsule
238.3 military aircraft model kits complete
239.3 helicopter complete model kits
240.U.S. military model kits. Helicopter crew, first aid station, and medical corp
241.FISHING ROD -Silver Cat Magnum Rod
242.FISHING ROD - Field & Stream Tec-Spec Black
243.FISHING ROD - Rippin lips SuperCat Series Rod
245.FISHING ROD - Ugly Stik Catfish Rod and Reel
246.FISHING ROD - Abu Garcia rod & reel
247.FISHING ROD - Berkley Cherrywood Rod
249.FISHING ROD - St. Croix Mojo Bass Rod
250.Lot of Fishing spinners
252.3 Muskie lures
253.4 fishing nets
254.11 Helin's Flat fish lures
255.4 fishing nets
256.Porcelain Doll - Victorian Seasons
257.Porcelain Doll - Katherine Collection
258.Porcelain Doll- Melissa Collection year 2000
259.Porcelain Doll- Melissa Collection year 2000
260.Porcelain Doll- Katherine Collection
261.Porcelain Doll- Victorian Seasons
262.Porcelain Doll- Antique Royalty
263.Porcelain Doll
264.BARBIE -Winter Classic
265.BARBIE -Cinderella
266.2 BARBIEs - Pretty Choices & Blue Starlight
267.2 BARBIEs- Share a Smile & Easter Basket
268.2 BARBIEs - Festive Season & Holiday Season
269.2 BARBIEs - Fountain Mermaid & Ice Capades
270.2 BARBIEs - Schooltime fun & Back to School
271.2 BARBIEs - Ice Cream & ??
272.2 BARBIEs - Teddy Fun & Sparkle ? Beach
273.Beauty & The Beast and Diamond Millenium
275.Barbie & Horse
276.Snow White
277.BARBIE - Garden Surprise
278.Midnight Gala BARBIE
279.BARBIE - Enchantment & Tracy Doll
280.BARBIE - Celebration
281.BARBIE - Cinderella
282.BARBIE - Marzipan in the NutCracker
283.BARBIE -
284.2 Cinderella BARBIEs
285.Becky doll in Wheelchair
286.BARBIE - Rose
287.6 packs of Ken doll clothes
288.Lil Friends of Kelly dolls & clothes
289.5 pack of Ken doll clothes
290.6 assorted BARBIE clothes
291.6 packs of Ken doll clothes
292.4 dolls, 2 Barbie, 2 Ken dolls
293.5 Barbie clothes packs
294.5 packs of Ken Clothes
295.2 MEGAMAN NT Warriors
296.KEN doll & shoes
297.5 packs of Ken doll clothes
298.Loose lot of assorted jewelry
299.Loose lot of assorted jewelry
300.loose lot of assorted jewelry

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